Dive Equipment Insurance
Insurance for your diving equipment

Dive Equipment Insurance FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)
H2Oinsurance.com in partnership with DAN Services is pleased to provide an insurance program to protect your Dive Equipment and Cameras.

What are the benefits?
  • Coverage can be scheduled to include Cameras, Housings, Lenses, Strobes, Regulators, BCD’s, Miscellaneous Equipment, Dive Computers, Tanks, Masks, Fins, Sync Cords, Watches and more. Please no personal laptops, cell phones or drones.
  • Claims Settlement – Our carrier issues a check (less the deductible) for covered losses.
  • Territorial Limits – We will cover property wherever located (worldwide).
  • Coverage is subject to policy Terms & Conditions.

Availability - Currently this program is not being offered for sale to residents of Alaska, South Dakota and Kentucky.  Unfortunately, due to our carrier's licensing restrictions, this program is not offered to people residing in these states nor is it offered to people living outside of the US.

Can I use this for my dive shops rental equipment?
No. Property that you lease, loan, or rent to others is excluded from coverage.

I am a professional diver or photographer, can I insure my equipment?
Yes. You may as long as the items are for your personal use and are not rented or loaned to others.

Perils Insured
Some of the more common claims that this insurance provides coverage for are the following: flood damage to your camera equipment, stolen equipment (we require a written police report with the submission of the claim), lost luggage with the airlines (we need confirmation that the "checked luggage" has been lost), and accidental damage to your equipment.

This policy insures against risks of direct physical loss of or damage to the insured property from external causes except as otherwise provided. Click Here to review exclusions and conditions to coverage.
It is very important that you read and understand these exclusions outlined in the Divers PAC, Policy Conditions, and Common Policy Conditions.

We DO NOT provide coverage for items that are lost underwater while you are diving, that fall off the back of the boat, or are swept overboard. Please see Divers PAC Coverage Document, #5 PERILS EXCLUDED which confirms that this policy does not insure against (d) items lost while in your care, custody and control – while in use both in and out of the water, dropped overboard or swept over-board.

What value should I schedule on the equipment?
The maximum liability of the Company for any one loss, disaster, or casualty, including expenses and charges, or all combined shall not exceed the Limit of Liability specified in the Declarations.

Agreed Amount: Covered property described will be valued at the limit indicated for the described property, but no more than the lesser of the following amounts:
  • The cost of reasonably restoring that property to its condition immediately before loss or damage
  • The cost of replacing that property with substantially identical property.
No Refunds
H2Oinsurance.com policies are "Fully Earned" meaning that once a policy has been purchased, no refunds will be provided for items removed from the policy. Any items added as new items or replacing existing items that are removed will be charged the prorated premium or $15, whichever is greater).
Premiums / Cancellation
This policy may be cancelled by the insured at any time. The premiums are fully earned, meaning there will be NO REFUNDS if the policy is cancelled before the Insurance Certificate expires or if there is a reduction in coverage due to sale or loss of an item.
Adding Items to an Existing Policy
Adding items can be done through this site as well. The cost of adding new items will be based on the pro-rated premium or $15, whichever is greater.

$100 unless claim is for water damage. In the case of a water damage claim, the deductible will be the greater of 10% of the claim or $250.

Length of Coverage
Policies are in force from the date of purchase for a period of 1 year.

Policies may be renewed beginning approximately 30 days prior to the end of this period. You will be notified via email or regular mail approximately 30 days before the policy expiration so that you may renew your policy.

Policies are issued based on Eastern Standard Time.

Does my Homeowners policy cover this?
Typically a homeowner's policy will provide coverage for personal property away from your home. However, the property is insured for named perils only. With named peril coverage you are only protected if the loss to your equipment is as a result of one of the perils listed in the policy. If it is not, the loss is not covered. Our policy provides broader coverage and only excludes a few items. You pick up coverage for things like accidental damage to your equipment, flooding of your camera equipment, and check luggage confirmed lost by the airlines. As a result, this policy is much more comprehensive and realistic for the probable losses that will occur while diving and traveling.

How much coverage can I purchase?
You must contact us at H2OInquiries@MarshMMA.com in order to schedule more than $20,000 of values.

Is there a maximum amount for any single item that can be insured?
No. If the item is more than $2,000, then you will be required to provide a serial number at the time of purchase.

How do I schedule items that are low in value such as gloves, booties, knives, dive bags, camera filters, etc.

You may schedule an amount up to $500 for "Miscellaneous Equipment".


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